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Welcome to Islamic Dawn.

My name is Mohsin Ali and after graduating in economics, I completed the traditional Alimiyyah curriculum at Imam Zakariya Academy in London and qualified as an Islamic scholar (alim). Prior to this, I had also studied privately with local teachers and the Shariah Program under Mufti Yusuf Mullan online.

Islamic Dawn is where I publish my research on Islamic apologetics, Sunni theology, the Hanafi madhab, and contemporary Islam. I hope the content is beneficial and constructive feedback is always welcome.

Note - Some articles contain a ‘summary of main points’ at their beginning. These are intended for visitors who may not have the time (or the will!) to read them in full. I do of course encourage readers to complete the main text of articles if possible, as they will inevitably contain important information and details that cannot be summarised.

​Twitter handle - @IslamicDawnInfo

Facebook - Mohsin Ali

YouTube - Islamic Dawn

Thank you.


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